Everyone's a first-timer at some point. We get it - it can be intimidating visiting a studio you haven't been to before, especially if you're new to fitness. If you need some tips or reassurance, check out these pointers on what to expect from your first RIDE class so you can feel right at home on your Digme debut.

The Welcome
We strive to be the friendliest studios out there, and our teams will make you feel welcome as soon as you walk through the door. They will show you around and answer any questions you may have. 

Bike Set-up
Not sure how high to have your saddle? Don’t know how to adjust the gears? Feat not. Either the instructor or a member of the team will make sure you get set up properly in the correct position so you can get the most from your workout. 

We provide complimentary cycling shoes – clipping in means you have a more efficient pedal stroke as you can pull up as well as push down. Your hamstrings and glutes therefore work harder than if you were cycling in trainers – trust us, this is a good thing! You’ll find a pair of shoes waiting for you next to your bike, and one of the team will take you through how to clip in and out if you haven’t done it before.

The ‘wet towel in your kit bag’ scenario is a thing of the past. We provide sweat towels on the bikes and shower towels for afterwards. Just dump them in the towel bin once you’re done. 

It’s all about keeping your mind occupied when you’re working out. The screens at the front show a virtual road with everyone in the class riding through places like Santorini and the Alps, so you’re never clock-watching.  At the end of the session there’s a ‘leaderboard’ with stats for each person, but remember, it’s not about competing with the others in the studio (not unless you want to!), it’s about being able to track your progress. The data gives you a benchmark to keep beating as you get fitter and stronger.

The Instructor
Your instructor will give you clear guidance on what gear and RPM you should be aiming for, but it’s fine to drop below that if you’re finding it too tough. You’re in complete control of the gears so it’s up to you how easy or hard you take it.

So now you know there’s nothing to fear, it’s over to you to take the plunge and book a class! Our number one priority is making sure YOU have as enjoyable a workout as possible, so keep that in mind and come and see what we’re about.