Prepare yourself for our 9-week Summer Challenge which kicks off next Monday 15th May!

We will be running a benchmark challenge in every single Ride class W/C 15th May. The challenge will record your average watts/kg over 3 minutes – essentially the average power (watts) you can maintain per kilo of body weight over 3 minutes. To make the benchmark test as fair as possible, all instructors will be using the same track and running the challenge at the end of each class. We will then repeat this challenge in weeks 5 and 9 and hopefully see some big improvements!

To make sure you are ready for the challenge, log into your Digme profile and update your weight. This will make the challenge meaningful and individual to you. Watts/kilo is the fairest of all the challenges we run in Ride and gives the best indication of fitness as it considers body weight as well as pure power.

Remember, we run challenges to push you to reach your true potential, not to compete against other riders! Everyone will have a very different benchmark, the idea over the next 9 weeks is to see real improvements in fitness. I

f you have any questions, please ask your instructor or a member of Front of House. Good luck and enjoy!


Head of Ride

Frances Merry