Kicking off this November, our Perform team have launched a brand new inter-studio competition and it's one that you definitely want to be a part of. 

How does it work?

In every Perform class throughout November, one of the following 5 events will be chosen for riders to complete.
        1 - 10 second max power challenge
        2 - 30 second average power challenge
        3 - 1 minute average speed challenge
        4 - 3 minute distance (individual & team) challenge
        5 - 6 minute distance challenge

Whether you are joining us in the saddle from the studio, or from home (in Team FTP... IYKYK), you'll be able to join in the fun and earn Digme Perform Points (a points scale similar to that used at the UCI World Championships). 

Riders who finish in the top 3 of each event will qualify for our Championships event (more details to follow).


Are you ready to represent your studio, race for your right to be called a Digme Perform Track World Champion and sport your very own virtual rainbow jersey?



What do you need to bring with me?

Just yourselves, your kit and a water bottle (preferably a big one if it's a Perform Plus class!)


How should I approach each challenge?

Your instructor will lead you through each of the events, giving you guidance on your RPM and your gear. If you have any questions though, grab the instructor before the class and they'll be happy to help.


Do I need to have done a Perform class before or be a good cyclist?

Not at all! Our Perform classes are open to everyone. At the start of every class, you will do an FTP test which sets your effort levels for the rest of the class and means that your ride is totally bespoke to you.