By Dan Little, Head of Fitness

Everything starts with a strong core!

The evolution of our HIIT programme continues with the introduction of MATRIX CORE this week, a brilliant new concept that will bring the burn to the foundations of your fitness.

It’s yet another great addition to our timetable a month after we launched MATRIX RUN, and we can’t wait to show you what it’s all about.

If you want to improve your athletic performance, reduce the risk of injury or just hone a great set of abs, MATRIX CORE will do the job.

As with the other MATRIX variations, the 50-minute class is split between the SkillMill, a conditioning element and a movement section.

With the running, the SkillMill challenges your core strength far more than a standard treadmill because it’s self-powered. It’s also much kinder on your joints. It’s not the running machine of choice for so many professional sports teams for no reason.

The strength and conditioning sections are very much focused on your core, which of course is much more than just your abs. A good core routine will challenge your back, glutes, quads and hamstrings to achieve a solid, stable base.

The workout will incorporate a lot more than your standard crunches to really challenge and strengthen you. Movements such as Russian twists, dead bugs, planks, bird dogs and V-sits will be staple components of MATRIX CORE. 

We’ll also incorporate the TRXs for some fantastic drills like jack-knifes and knee-tucks – exercises which work the whole body as well as torch the abs.

Seen the wobble boards we use in MATRIX RUN? These will feature as well, testing your balance and progressing simple movements like a lunge to a whole new level of difficulty. Your core has to be constantly switched on for these kind of moves, which are also great for the smaller but often neglected stabiliser muscles.

It really is a brilliant programme which will make a huge difference to your health and fitness – come and see for yourself in Blackfriars and Oxford.

Our top 5 benefits of strengthening your core:

Yes, six-pack abs look great, but if you look beyond that, there are some amazing benefits of toning your mid-section…Here are our favourites.

Prevent injuries. A strong, robust core means you’ll be far less susceptible to niggles.

Ward off back and shoulder pain. If you can hold yourself in a neutral, balanced way – even if you sit at a desk all day – you can say goodbye to nagging neck, shoulder and lower back pain. 

Walk tall with a confident posture. Shoulders back, stomach in, chest out – a strong core will ensure you carry yourself far better and more confidently.

Do physical activities more easily. Everything from sports to lifting the shopping to throwing your kids around will seem a lot more manageable.

Better breathing. A strong core with neutral hips will stack your body better, and your diaphragm being in the correct position makes it easier to breathe.


Dan Little
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