Why you need to add indoor cycling to your exercise regime and why Digme?

By Dan Little, Head of Fitness

There’s a reason why indoor group cycling classes have absolutely exploded in the last couple of years. It’s an awesome cardio workout and it delivers fantastic results whatever your goal. You get a lot of bang for your buck.

If you’re looking to change your body shape, condition and lose weight, group cycling is brilliant because it’s essentially high-intensity intervals, which is scientifically proven to be one of the most effective fat-burning exercises.

At the other end of the spectrum, if you already have a high level of fitness, group cycling is like a shot of adrenalin; a boost that will help you hold a faster pace whether you’re a cyclist, runner or swimmer.  

I played an integral part in creating and training the global group cycling initiative for one of the biggest health club chains in the world, so I’ve seen first-hand the results it delivers. Indoor group cycling is also low-impact, so unlike something like running or heavy weightlifting, the chances of getting injured are extremely low.

The best bit is how fun the classes are. At Digme, you’ll be buzzing at the amazing playlists, plus you’ve got the incredible light system in our Ride Arena. You can completely lose yourself in the music and lights.

The POWER & BURN effect

At Digme we have our signature rides, but two classes we think will be big winners are our POWER and BURN formats. In both, we’ve integrated high-energy sections: in POWER, the class is driven by watts using cadence, speed and distance, and with BURN, the focus is on Tabata training principles (commonly known as HIIT). The Tabata theory is where you work at a high intensity for four-minute spells, with rest interval periods in between.

The sole purpose is to burn calories and believe me, it works. Your metabolism will be on fire for hours after one of our classes.

The high-intensity sections are when we get to work, putting in the effort while safe in the knowledge that a break is never more than four minutes away.

What to expect in a Digme Ride class

In every ride we’ll warm up for a few minutes before doing what’s called in the cycling world a ‘roll out’, which is designed to increase heart rate and prepare the body for the challenges ahead.

Then we head into the main part of the workout which I talked about above, which will consist of seated and standing climbs and different types of intervals.

The finisher is what we call The Dig. It’s the big final push, where you give all you have and leave everything on the bike. It sounds daunting, but the instructor will encourage you every step of the way and I defy you not to be spurred on by the music! The feeling of euphoria when you finish is hard to describe. It’s immense!

Something for everyone

One of the many good things about group cycling is that your level of fitness doesn’t matter. You can be a total novice and be on a bike next to a high-level cyclist, and you’ll both reap the rewards.

You have total control over your resistance, speed and power output. The instructor is there to guide, educate and motivate you towards your goals, not to bully you bootcamp-style.

Before and after you ride

Make sure you avoid eating a heavy meal within two hours of starting a ride, and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water beforehand.

Afterwards, grab a smoothie or snack to refuel – you’ve definitely earned it! – and again keep up your intake of fluids.

You’ll also want to book up your next class as the spin addiction begins to take hold! Enjoy.



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