To celebrate the launch of Digme's latest HIIT concept, Head of HIIT, Nathan Sears, explains why you need to try all three of our HIIT concepts at DIGME.

CIRCUITS - our new all-round workout 

An all-round workout, Circuits is the latest addition to our HIIT offering. It's a style of training that is super effective and that can be incredibly challenging and rewarding. You will rotate around 3 stations over 3 rounds - each working on a different movement.  If you're looking to improve your muscular endurance and cardiovascular capacity to enhance your cycling performance, or strength to support your Barre and Yoga practice, this is the class for you.

COMBAT HIIT - our unique kickboxing class

Physically and mentally challenge yourself in Combat HIIT, our Signature Kickboxing class. This is intense, endurance-focussed training where you condition like a fighter, developing stamina, explosivity and mental toughness while learning awesome kickboxing and martial arts inspired strikes and some flashy moves too! Combat HIIT compliments your Yoga and Barre workouts, where breathwork, flexibility and strength are key.

STRENGTH - focusing on quality of movement 

Strength is a more technical class targeting the whole body to build strength and power.  These classes provide a chance to learn and hone your weightlifting technique and ensure your form is spot on in those faster paced HIIT classes. Refining these skills will quickly enhance your performance in our Circuits and Combat HIIT classes; as well as in Yoga, Barre and Cycle.

Enhance performance in your other favourite classes

If you’ve never tried our HIIT concepts before but you’re a Yoga, Barre or Cycle fanatic, there are multiple performance related benefits of adding our HIIT workouts to your training schedule including range of motion, strength, power and stamina.


We want to get to know you and for our classes to be the best part of your day. All of our workouts finish with a partner DIG where you’ll work against the clock. Never said “hi” to someone in class before? Pizza after class? Give it a go – it will change the way you work out.

Join us today for Combat HIIT and Strength in Bank; Circuits and Strength in Moorgate; and from 30 January, Circuits and Strength in Covent Garden.


Nathan Sears