This Monday marks International Yoga Day, but for us, every day is a celebration of Yoga and our Yoga community! 

We have bought you a 7-day Power series with our fabulous Yoga instructor, Katie S. At 7am every day this week, you can find a brand new 30 minute Power class for you to flow to On Demand with Digme at Home. Whether you have been practicing with us for a while and want to find more strength and power in your practice, or you're brand new to Power yoga, this is the perfect series for you. We can't wait to see you on the mat. 



Hear what Adele, our Business Development Manager, had to say:

"My go to training is either HIIT or strength and I’m not one to do something out of my comfort zone, but when I saw the Digme at Home yoga challenge, I thought it was a great way to get started and incorporate some yoga into my daily routine, especially now I’m moving a lot less since working from home. Katie brought an energising and calming energy with such great instruction and I found myself looking forward to the sessions each day. She gave examples of poses that would be suitable for all levels (even novices like myself) but would still encourage you to try something new and to embrace all the wobbles with a smile on your face. Having completed 30 minutes of yoga every day for a week, my mind feels calmer, my body feels stronger and I will definitely be continuing this as part of my routine a couple of times a week!"


Here's what you can expect:

Our Power classes are designed to fire you up through an energetic, dynamic vinyasa. We link rhythmic breath with powerful movements in a challenging creative flow. This series will focus on different areas of the body or elements of the practice in each class. All will condition, strengthen and stretch the full body, whilst also resetting the mind. 


DAY 1: Introduction To Power

An all levels dynamic vinyasa introducing some of the key elements and movements you may find in a Power class. A little bit of everything just to set the energy for the rest of the series.


DAY 2: Find Your Strength

To find your strength, in this class we’ll be holding poses actively for a few extra breaths as well as introducing subtle variations that will create more activation in the big muscles groups around the body. With a lower body focus, expect glutes on fire  


DAY 3: Core & Stability

Two key elements of a power practice, core & stability that enable you to control and transition with more confidence. Today we focus on the abdominals, looking for that tummy burn with a mix of dynamic and static ab movements. 


DAY 4: Grounded

This class is all about lengthening the body and working with our foundation (those parts of the body connected to the floor in a pose) to create space. There will be some rise and fall working up and down from the ground and a dog stretch for the back of the legs. 


DAY 5: Balances

Balance is a key element on the practice and one that can be so useful off your mat. This is a fun one! Test your balance by working with your inner focus and stability we found in the earlier class.


DAY 6: Fly 

As your strength and power in your practice grows, we look at channeling that into some arm balances.  Needing strong shoulders and a little determination, can you find a few seconds without your feet on the ground and fly!


DAY 7: Power Up!

Congratulations! You made it to day seven of the series. We’re going to put it all together in a final power vinyasa that will include a little bit of everything from the last six classes, leaving you feeling empowered, strong and ready more!



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