After more than 15 months of various forms of lockdown and social distancing, and just general COVID-19 concerns, many of us are somewhat nervous about returning to our ‘normal’ activities. If this is you, you are definitely not alone. Here are some tips from our Head of Yoga Sarah on coming back to IRL Yoga...

Start small - try a 45min class before you go for a 60min or 75min class. Our Fundamentals classes are also perfect for beginners and those looking to brush up on their practice.

Go off-peak or when the studio is less busy. Mornings and lunches are quieter right now in central London with people still WFH.

Plan ahead - check out our health and safety protocols. We have spaced our mats according to socially distancing rules and they are cleaned after every class. We disinfect the air in the room and each mat has its own disinfectant Proverb spray for our guests to use.

Bring a buddy for moral support - everything is better with a friend!

Focus on the positives - we are returning to some sort of normality and we can go back to many things that bring us joy, like IRL yoga!

Try an online Breathwork class with Digme at Home to relieve any pre-visit anxiety. 

When you get to the studio, don't forget to wear your mask, use the Proverb hand sanitiser available (it smells so good!) when you arrive, and also wash your hands before and after class.

  • Breathe through your nose. Nasal breathing has a antimicrobial effect, improves your oxygen uptake, and limits you taking in and blowing out droplets. Studies show that nasal breathing can inhibit the replication of the virus in early stage infection. 


Lastly, relax and enjoy it! We have missed seeing your faces in real life and cannot wait to flow and practice with you in person.

If you have any other questions about returning to the studio please reach out to me on Instagram.


Sarah x

Sarah Grogan