During this time, it’s more important than ever to to support your health, in particular, your immune system!

There's lots we can do with nutritional and lifestyle inventions that can help support and boost your immune system. Plenish nutrition expert shares natures top tips;

Our immune system plays a crucial role in our health, and it works by recognising and disposing of invading and foreign cells that could cause us harm including bacteria, parasites and viruses. It also identifies and disposes of our old and damaged cells. It comprises of a complex system of messengers and functional immune cells, and due to it being so complicated it is not uncommon for the system of messengers to make mistakes and either miss something or overreact to something it shouldn’t. The former is an underactive immune response meaning you may be more susceptible to recurrent infections. The latter may lead to chronic autoimmune conditions such as allergies, asthma or inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

The immune system is spread systemically throughout the body, but major concentration areas are in the digestive tract, because it is our major barrier to the outside world and lymphatic system, hence when we are run down we get swollen (lymph) glands. If you are feeling run-down or prone to chronic inflammatory conditions, there is lots we can do with nutritional and lifestyle inventions that can help support and modulate the immune system.

Here's some of our top tips:


Our digestive tract is our first defence against invading foreign toxins and pathogens, and our gut flora plays an integral role in our immune system. Eating probiotic foods, which contain naturally occurring beneficial bacteria such as live natural yoghurt, apple cider vinegar, raw sauerkraut or fermented drinks including kombucha and kefir, will help re-inoculate and maintain a healthy gut flora to support your immune function. You also may want to consider a weekly pack of Water+ if you have some functional digestive issues such as bloating which indicate that your gut flora is also out of balance.


Vitamin D plays a pivotal role in our immune system, and deficiency is linked to autoimmune conditions and high occurrence of infections. Vitamin D is a common deficiency in the Northern hemisphere due our lack of sunlight and warmth especially in winter months. A Vitamin D supplement will help if you are deficient and will also help with your energy levels.



Consuming raw green vegetables can increase energy, prevent illness, alkalise the body and rebuild cells. However, I know it can be a struggle fitting in several portions of green vegetables  into your day so why not drink them? A Plenish green juice contains 1kg of organic produce, which is all the green energy you will need to fuel your day. Try adding one in to your daily routine to see if you notice a difference in your energy levels, skin and immune system.


Lastly the other major part of immune support is self-care. That old foe ‘stress’ either emotionally or physically plays a negative role on our immune systems. Did you know endurance athletes despite the super fitness often struggle with their immune systems due to the physical stress of the training. Enough sleep, drinking less alcohol and taking time to relax, recover and destress is important for everyone especially if you feel like you are under the weather or getting poorly.

You can monitor your stress levels via something called your Heart Rate Variability (HRV), there are a number of phone apps you can download that will cleverly monitor your HRV via the camera on your phone. Try monitoring your stress levels if you have considered if you are chronically stressed. It can also indicate if stress is leading to illness so you can nip it in the bud earlier by allowing yourself time to rest and nourish your body.

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