Heidi is a regular on our timetables and teaches both Ride and Perform. Heidi has a background in running, whilst marathon training she discovered indoor cycling and found a new passion for the sport which led her to compete in races and eventually triathlons. We caught up with Heidi to find out what you can expect from her classes!

What can members expect from your classes?

 If a mix of Drum & Bass, House, Rock & Indie is your vibe, you are in the right place! Be ready to WORK, challenge yourself, and progress your cycling fitness to the next level.

What inspires you?

 The body! How it can surprise you on its capabilities whatever the situation. As a Type 1 Diabetic, my body has always inspired me on how far it can push itself. 

What do you love about teaching at Digme?

 Watching members increase their confidence, education and strength! Seeing smiles post class brings me so much joy for the rest of the day. 

What’s the favourite theme class you’ve taught?

 P!nk. WHAT a woman! 

Where can we find you teaching?

Richmond - Wednesday 7.30am and Friday 7.45am

Moorgate - Monday 6.30 & 7.30am, Tuesday 8.30am, Wednesday 5pm and Sunday 9.30am

Covent Garden - Tuesday 5pm

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