Emanuel is our newest Perform instructor, he is naturally competitive and loves the endorphin rush which comes with competing, his favourite race is a fixed gear criterium. We caught up with him and found out what you can expect from his classes!

Talk us through 3 tips for success in your classes

1) Don't be scared of not being good enough, everyone started somewhere

2) Sync in with the tunes, they will bring you on a journey

3) Challenge yourself and have a long term picture

What is your favourite thing about teaching Perform?

My favourite thing about teaching perform is that it is incredibly time efficient. Science based training, solid results, no time wasted. Straight to the point.

What can members expect from your classes?

My classes are like joining a night club where you get fit. Solid beats, head nodding and sweat dripping. 

What inspires you?

My inspiration is the desire to improve myself in all aspects of life. There's always a better version of ourselves, in all of us.

When and where can we ride with you?

I teach in Moorgate on a Tuesday at 7pm and a Saturday at 10am. I'm in Richmond on a Wednesday at 8pm and Friday at 5pm.


Frances Merry