Emily is one of the newest members of the Ride team, she has a background in professional dance and musical theatre and can't wait to combine her love for fitness and performance when she hits the podium! We caught up with Emily ahead of her first class.

What can members expect from a Ride with Emily?

A pop party on a bike, with white-knuckle speed challenges and hefty climbs, we're going in for the gains! Don't expect an easy ride, but I promise to make it fun with a feel-good playlist and atmosphere! 

What do you love about Digme?

That sense of community and inclusivity. It's full of friendly and proactive people who cheer each other on in smashing their goals.

What inspires you?

Great artistry, brave souls, authenticity.

Where can we find you teaching?

Saturdays, 12.00, Covent Garden.

Frances Merry