If you're new to Digme you might be wondering what our Matrix concept is. And how we've adapted it from the studio workout to the online workout available on Digme at Home. We caught up with our Head Of HIIT Ben to explain a little more about our Matrix concept….


We have 3 different workouts under the HIIT concept; HIIT Total Body, HIIT Core and HIIT Meta. The idea of the 3 programmes is to provide a well-rounded offering that allows for a varied and smart training offering! These programmes are completely relative to each individual and our expert coaches will be on hand to provide guidance on this during sessions.




HIIT Total Body

On Demand Duration: 50 Minutes

HIIT Total Body is a full body, athletic workout built around the 7 human movement patterns. Some of these movements can be neglected for a more sedentary lifestyle. Think of how babies move - crawling, twisting and squatting with ease. One of my favourite sayings is ‘If you don’t use it, you can lose it’ - having said this saying, the good news is that you can also gain it back! With Matrix Total Body, think control, good movement patterns and flow.



On Demand Duration: 45 Minutes

HIIT Core is all about functional movement training. When we hear the work ‘Core’, our first thought could perhaps be endless sit ups/crunches. This is where our Core programme differs - there is a lot more to the Core than isolating our abs! And is designed to build key blocks and strength through our Core musculature. Expect, balance, stability and unilateral movements (movements which specifically target one side of the body). This one is perfect if you are looking for a little lower impact training.



On Demand Duration: 45 Minutes

What does Meta mean? Two things: ‘Metabolic conditioning’ and, in ancient Greek ’Go Beyond’. HIIT Meta features targeted intervals and explosive movements. Meta is essentially a HIIT workout (high intensity interval training). Movement preparation is a key part of the programme so we begin with a 5 minute warm up. The movement prep specifically focusses on the movements within the class in which the instructor has programmed. This helps to ensure your body is ready! Although this workout is higher impact, lower impact options will be provided throughout.



If you are new to HIIT, I would suggest using HIIT Core or HIIT Total Body as a building block to start with. 


All of these workouts will be completely relative to you and our coaches will provide options and guidance during all classes. For best coaching, we would suggest enabling the camera option on to allow our coaches to see you and therefore provide technical tips to get the best out of your Matrix experience!


If you have any questions on the programs, you can email me on ben@digmefitness.com 


See you online soon!?

Ben Davie
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