On Monday 17 May, we finally reopen the doors to all of our studios in London and Oxford – hooray!

Ahead of our reopening, we caught up with Digme’s Head of HIIT & Running Ben Davie to discuss his top tips for returning to the studio – because now is not the time to go from zero to 60! Even if you’ve been working out with us from home. Remember, most of us have been sitting A LOT more in lockdown so our bodies need time to adjust.


Quality over quantity

Give yourself permission to strip everything right back and focus on your technique. Take additional rest breaks. For example, if you are performing a row on the TRX, you can bring your feet a little further away from the wall and focus on the tempo of the movement - performing it to the best of your ability. There is absolutely no rush and our instructors are here to support this approach.


Arrive early

There is nothing worse than feeling frantic and stressed before you start. You will then have a little additional time to prepare your body and mind - perhaps some mobility work whilst you wait to start. This will leave you feeling calm and focused.


Trust in the process

Our instructors have designed classes which are progressive so all you need to do is focus on one session at a time. Over time and weeks, you will feel stronger and fitter. Allowing you to build up core strength with basic movement patterns - providing the foundations and each session is completely relative to the individual.


Nerves are normal

After some time of not attending a class IRL, its likely that you will perhaps feel nervous. Remember that this is normal - like the first day back at school. After a session or two back and with the above info noted, you'll feel like you never went away.


Remove expectations

Remember your stats pre lockdown? Good, now forget them! Now is the time to remove the pressure and give yourself a fresh start. Focus on new goals, motivations and challenges. Have trust in the process and be patient!


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