You may have noticed that our fabulous Cycle instructors have been referring to RPE in your Live classes, so we wanted to explain a bit more about what this means.

Over the last few weeks, we have seen so many of your smiling faces join us from home on a huge range bikes, such as Keiser M3i, IC5, IC7, IC9, Schwin, WattBikes, Turbo Trainers etc.

RPE stands for ‘Rate of Perceived Exertion’ so is the best way to guide you on your gears and resistance, whatever bike you’re using. Think of this as how hard you are working on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is very little effort and 10 is giving it everything you’ve got!

Dan, Digme’s Head of Fitness, talks us through the internal dialogue when on the bike and increasing that RPE.

RPE 1 - 2 – “Easy spinning”

RPE 2 - 4 – “All day pace”

RPE 5 - 6 – “It’s ok, but I don’t want to be here all day”

RPE 7 - 8 – “Now I’m feeling it.”

RPE 8 – “Now I’m really feeling it… woah.”

RPE 9 – “My goodness, I’m starting to crack!!”

RPE 10 – “Go big, or go home. Hardest effort EVER!”


So whatever bike you have, you can join our expert instructors and enjoy our Cycle classes from the comfort of your own home. We’ve got Rhythm, Ride and Perform classes all on the timetable, so book your class now!