You've got the credits, you've booked the classes - now have a read of our tips on how to become a #SweatWeekLegend in style...

1. Buy the credit pack – it works out as amazing prices per class! World-class inclusive group exercise doesn’t get much better value. 


2. Double up on sessions. It's pretty satisfying to knock off two (or more!) classes in one go. Plus you give your endurance a huge boost. Either do the 5.30pm and 6.30pm classes one night, or kick off the week with Matrix followed by RIDE. Now that's a winning start to a Monday!


3. Get to Beats n Cleats or our Throwback Thursday RIDE – the most fun you’ll ever have on a spin bike. Trust us. You might be nearing the end of the challenge by this point, but you’ll barely notice 45 minutes pass as we ride to the beat.


4. Stock your fridge full of delicious refuel. Your appetite will know no bounds with all this exercise. Resist the temptation to chow down on junk, undoing all your good work, or dropping £50 on a hunger-fuelled spree in Whole Foods (we’ve all been there). Stock up on nuts and fruit, Kind bars and Veloforte - our favourites.


5. Stretch it out. Don’t forget some self-care during the week. Do a few stretches when you’re watching TV or before you go to bed, or if you have a spare 15 minutes, get friendly with a foam roller or massage ball. Focus on loosening up your hips, quads and calves. 


6. Buy some dry shampoo. Let’s face it, any day involving two hair washes is not a good day, so take an acceptable shortcut with a decent dry shampoo. 


7. Wash ALL your gym clothes so they are ready for the week ahead. You don't want to be reaching workout number six or seven and be faced with a choice of already-sweated-in kit or those shorts you really should've thrown out in 2010. 


See you in the studio in Sweat Week and be a #SweatWeekLegend.