For many of us, running can provide a much-needed escape in these times of uncertainty. A moment of mental silence amongst the noise. A chance to move, disconnect and escape our worries. The beauty of running is that it gives so much back. Read more about the benefits of running on your mental health and find out why Team Digme run here.


We're so excited to be able to share our love of running with the launch of the Digme Virtual Run Club. This blog explains a bit more about what the Run Club is and how you can join in...

What is the Digme Virtual Run Club?

A 45 minute social audio run every Saturday morning at 9am. 

Whether you're outdoors or lucky enough to have your own treadmill, you'll just need some headphones and a mobile phone (& data). All abilities are welcome - it's a social 45-minute run, and definitely not a race. Think of it as a podcast with a playlist – the perfect companion to make your run fly by!

We hope this live run will help bring people together into an online community at a time when physically meeting others has taken a step backwards.


A selection of images from the first week of the Run Club



Who can join?

The 45 minute run will be appropriate for all levels of runners. Whether you are a new to running or a seasoned runner there will be something for everyone. 

For those new to running, there is no pressure to run consistently for the 45 minutes - you can split your run up in to walk/jog segments to suit your abilities. If you're unsure what this is or how you should split your session up then please message us on Facebook or Instagram. You can join our community Run Club Facebook page here. 


1. You will need a Digme Account to book into the run. Sign up here

2. Book your place via Digme at Home in the website or on the app

3. Download Zoom or the Digme app 

Away you go! You'll just need to make sure that you have data switched on for the run.



The community Virtual Run Club will be happening every Saturday, at 9am. Please login from 8.55am for the health and safety checks. The run will commence at 9am.

Ben Davie
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