We are super excited to launch our [virtual] weekly community run on Saturday 23rd May at 8.45am - this happens to fall in Mental Health Awareness Week 2020.

We all know the physical benefits of running but there's also a strong connection between running and happiness - yes those endorphins really can make you happy! Last year a survey of the Strava community showed that 89% of people thought running made them happier. Multiple studies have also concluded that running has the folllowing benefits:

  1. Decreases symptoms of depression
  2. Improves learning abilities
  3. Sharpens memory
  4. Slows cognitive decline
  5. Alleviates anxiety
  6. Improves sleep
  7. Increases creativity


Why do you run?

Our reasons for running are very different - from competition to fitness, to escaping. We'd love to know why you run? Team Digme have shared some of their reasons below...

"I run because being outside has been the only thing that’s really got me through this lockdown! I run because it keeps me moving and I love getting my
Steps up and also, it’s a chance to plug in my podcasts and not be glued to WhatsApp/instagram" - Lucy, Digme Instructor


"Running is something that I’ve previously really taken for granted. I’m not a big runner (12k the furthest I’ve probably ever gone!), but I’ve found a real enjoyment in it since coming back from injury! For me, running is such an escape and feels like a time out. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s hard and I feel like I’m crawling along, but there’s something that I love about being outside, amongst the fresh air, and it being so simple!

I find that it’s either a great way to take some time out, tune into a podcast and just escape; or it’s a way to mull over something that’s on your mind so I finish the run with my head feeling a bit lighter. Either way, even if I don’t particularly jump out of bed and into my trainers, I come back full of endorphins and generally a better person!' - Olivia,  Digme Marketing Manager


"My reasons for running have changed a lot of the years - I started as a way of keeping fit but then my competitive side took over for a couple of years and I started running for times, chasing down PBs. But now I run for me and for an escape.

I love running because it makes me feel like I can accomplish the impossible.  It gives me moments of clarity.  Problems and thoughts that have been swirling around in my mind disappear when I’m deep in the rhythm of a run.  I often discover the perfect solution during my run or problems I thought existed disappear. Running gives me perspective and an appreciation for life that I otherwise would not have." - Lorna, Digme Events & Marketing Manager


“Running gives me a sense of adventure and freedom that for me can not be replicated! If I want to feel calm, I run, if I want to energise and feel creative, I run. For me, there is nothing better than the feeling that you could run forever! Although, this feeling doesn’t tend to last long! I also love the fact that running is for all - from elite athletes to everyday causal joggers.” Ben, Digme Head of Concept and Run Club


Run With Us

Our Virtual Run Club is suitable for all abilities. Whether you are an experienced runner or a newbie - everyone is welcome! We will be providing support, guidance and most importantly part of a wonderful running community.