Yoga is a most wholistic practice - Body, Breath, Mind and overall ethical living - originating millennia ago. While Modern Yoga as we know it is largely embraced as Physical Asana (Postures) practice, the mental benefits are well known. Yoga challenges the body and mind to gain physical strength, flexibility, mental focus, and emotional self-control.

Hot Yoga is simply an intensified version. This is the perfect practice for the A-Type personality who is used to being good at what they turn their minds to and want results faster. Once you see the results, experience the benefits, and feel the high of the post practice bliss, you’ll keep coming back!

Why Hot Yoga?

Turning the temperature up reduces the time required for a warm-up, so we can achieve the same feeling we get after a 90min class, in a shorter time. With heat the practice can feel like a greater test of self. With heat, your muscles stretch further allowing you to go deeper into postures. The mind may require a greater level of focus and concentration to keep calm in the heat, bringing about a more mindful, meditative state.

Your metabolism tends to rise (find out more here). Like normal yoga, the postures build strength. Personally, I find the heat encourages me to breathe deeper. Combining all of these can deliver faster results and an even bigger sense of euphoria and release when you get to the final Savasana (relaxation pose at the end of the session).

What is Hot Yoga?

At Digme we offer ‘Hot Yoga’ during some of our morning and lunchtime 45 minute sessions. The class styles are still the same - Power and Flow, but with the added spice of the heat turned up to 35 degrees. We use infared panels, which heat bodies up from the inside out and as the body warms it radiates heat. The benefits are the air doesn’t get stuffy and circulation of air within a room is not adversely affected.

It’s worth mentioning that Hot Yoga is not Bikram. Bikram indeed popularised Yoga in a heated room, however Bikram was a set sequence every time. Hot Yoga at Digme is a creative Vinyasa sequence. Each class is unique to its teacher.

Hot Yoga versus Normal Yoga

Hot Yoga is actually not ‘better’ for you than normal yoga (find out more here). All Yoga offers similar benefits - reduced stress, relieves lower back pain, prevents injury, improved cardiovascular health. On the mental side, I think this quote from Michelle Goldberg sums it up. ‘You don’t have to believe in anything, even yoga itself, to find joy and solace in the conscious joining of breath and movement”. Hot Yoga versus normal Yoga is simply a matter of preference.


The Heat does add some safety considerations. Staying hydrated is vital. The hot environment could lead to over stretching which could cause injury. This is not the class for pregnant ladies or those with heart issues or high blood pressure.


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Sarah Grogan