Ahead of our Reignite Challenge starting on 1st June, we caught up with Head of HIIT, Ben to find out more about the benefits of HIIT...

When it comes to our Matrix and Combat HIIT concepts, both feature high intensity interval training (HIIT) efforts. HIIT is no joke and is designed to provide maximal efforts of work, followed by shorter recovery periods. Typically, you’ll work at around 80-90% of your maximum heart rate.


The quality of workout is really important when working at an ‘intense’ level, which is why all of our HIIT workouts include a thorough warm up. It gives your body an opportunity to prepare for movement. There really is no rush when it comes to the warm up - our instructors will prepare your body for the intense work ahead. Ultimately, it’s there so that you can fully enjoy the journey of movement from start to finish.


There are many benefits of HIIT, including:

1. You build resilience. So often we can opt to stay in our comfort zone, with steady state work. HIIT will flip this on its head and push you to discover new limits. Always remember, for every hard effort, there is a recovery on route...!

2. It’s good for your HIIT can improve cardio-respiratory health in comparison to steady state. It can help to improve your ‘V02 max’ - this is a measure of endurance which calculates the maximum amount of oxygen the body can use.

3. High intensity interval training compliments your endurance training. If you are a cyclist/ runner and you just work at one speed, your body will become very efficient at working at that speed. When we introduce interval efforts, we build strength. Over time, our body will be able to utilise this strength during a longer distance run / cycle - helping to maintain higher speed for longer.

4. It’s versatile. HIIT does not require equipment which means you can do it anytime, anywhere - on Digme at Home and in studio. Our Cycle and Strength classes also feature HIIT to some degree.

5. It’s fun. The intervals are short and for every interval completed, there is a mini win the other side - an amazing sense of accomplishment. Over time, your body will build strength and improve performance.


It’s important to train smart with HIIT - work with a well-rounded programme which includes both HIIT and steady state work. At Digme, we offer so much variety and ensure that you have a 360 wellness approach - from HIIT, Cycle and Strength to Yoga and Breathwork.


If you have any more questions about HIIT training, pop us a comment below and check out our ‘What is high intensity interval training’ blog by Dan

See you for a HIIT of endorphins soon!

Ben :) 

Ben Davie
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