Do you know just how sophisticated our stats are?

Whether you join our Ride classes and ride to the beat or are a regular Perform rider, you may have heard one of our fabulous instructors mention 'FTP'. Ever wondered what that meant? Well this blog will give you everything you need to know!

Your FTP stands for your Functional Threshold Power. It is the highest power that you can maintain for one hour on the bike, and it varies from one rider to another and is the best benchmark for checking your fitness level.

Knowing your FTP will improve the efficacy of your Ride and Perform classes both in the studio and on Digme at Home - you’ll know exactly how hard you should be going to get the most out of your workout. It's particularly useful if you join our Perform classes - once you know your FTP, you'll know exactly how you should be riding when the instructor tells you to join them at 120%-130% of your FTP.

If you're joining us from Digme at Home and have a Digme Bike - you're in luck! Not only does your FTP get saved to your profile after your workout so that your stats are unique to your current fitness level, you can also see your FTP % in the Digme app every time you join a Live or On Demand class! ⁠


So, are you ready to find out more about your power output and how you can maximise those stats?

Tune into Gareth's 20min FTP Test On Demand, or join Gareth's Live FTP Test this Thursday (20th May) at 7.30pm on Digme at Home.