Our Head of Yoga, Sarah Grogan, caught up with us about the many benefits men can enjoy by practicing Yoga.

Have you ever been tempted? The benefits are vast and range from mind, to body and breath, so why not join one of our fabulous male yoga teachers and experience the benefits for yourself - click here to meet the team! So, what are these benefits?


1. Get Strong

A 2013 yoga study showed that men who followed 12 weeks of a yoga program exhibited a significant increase in deadlift strengthas well as lower back/hamstring, and shoulder flexibility. Yoga builds muscles evenly over the whole body. It is not just about touching your toes! It helps with that too, but if you want to get stronger, do yoga!


2. Yoga Compliments the other sports you do

Do you prefer running, spinning, tennis or golf? The controlled moves of yoga offer opportunities to safely and effectively open those areas like hip flexors that are tight from other sports, and strengthen the parts of the body, like the lower body, that we often neglect. Ryan Giggs claims that yoga kept him in the game for longer!


3. Find Your Calm

Yoga has the potential to reduce anxiety, depression, anger, and fatigue. The focus on the mind & body using a combination of physical poses, controlled breathing, and relaxation techniques gives you the tools to find calm both on and off the mat.


4. Improves Stamina

A regular yoga practice can cut down on those doctor visits by 43% according to Harvard and can also help with your sex life! Yoga isn’t just about stretching. Yoga also improves cardiovascular health, and stamina.


5. Helps Productivity

The benefits of yoga will be seen both the workplace and at home! Yoga can improve concentration, decision-making skills and ability to react more calmly in demanding situations. Yoga brings greater awareness. The breath control & mind techniques will help you to remain calm, collected, overcoming any potentially overwhelming feelings. Physically, your body will open up and strengthen in turn improving your posture and energy levels.



Sarah Grogan